About Des Moines Audubon

The Des Moines Audubon Society was organized in 1923 by a group of folks interested in the birds of the area.  Although it is not a chapter of National Audubon, there is an affiliation and the Des Moines group actively participates in Iowa Audubon.

Helping a family observe pelicansIn addition to monthly meetings with a variety of fascinating programs and monthly field trips, held the second Saturday of the month and ably led by Dennis Thompson to find birds in central Iowa, our members are active participants in various community outdoor activities.  Many volunteers from Des Moines Audubon help with community events sponsored by the Polk County Conservation Board or various city parks boards.  In the true tradition of "No Child Left Inside", the pure enjoyment of helping young people see a pelican through the scope or watching a reaction to a live hawk up close and personal is one of the personal birding highlights for many of our members. Check the upcoming events for how you can get involved.

Des Moines Audubon provides financial support and volunteers to keep feeder operations in place at the Saylorville Reservoir Visitor's Center and the bird blind at Walnut Woods State Park.  You dues help to keep this very public project going.

Engaging the next generation of birders - (c) Iowa Young BirdersRecently Des Moines Audubon has partnered with a new organization - Iowa Young Birders.  The inaugural young birders field trip was held in Johnston in July 2012 with our own field trip leader, Dennis Thompson, helping these young people enjoy the experience.

The Des Moines Christmas Bird Count is held during the national count period each year.  Members also participate in the Saylorville count as well as others around Central Iowa.  Watch the calendar for this year's dates and details.

Upcoming Des Moines Audubon Events

Photo by Reid Allen

Next Meeting

Raptors of the Midwest - Join wildlife photographer Ty Smedes for an educational presentation where you will learn about the hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, and vultures that live in Iowa or migrate through on their way to nesting or wintering areas. We’ll discuss their physical traits as well as identifying the prey they seek, and the habitat they prefer for nesting and rearing their young. You’ll also learn tips for identifying these birds of prey, when you spot one sitting or on the wing. And of course there will be many colorful photos to help with identification. Ty’s photos have been published by many major magazines and book publishers, so it should be a beautiful presentation.

Photo by Reid Allen

Next Field Trip

  Please contact Denny Thompson at 254-0837 or cndthomps@gmail.com for more information.