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Photo by Reid Allen

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Shiripuno Lodge – the heart of Amazonian Ecuador - Dennis and Cecille Thompson spent a week last fall at Shipuno Lodge in the lowlands of Amazonian Ecuador. The lodge is within the tribal grounds of the Waorani nation which adjoins Yasuni National Park. A six-hour motorized canoe ride was required to reach the lodge. No electricity or hot water made for a true “away from it all” experience. As a result of its remoteness, some bird and monkey species that are heavily persecuted in more settled areas are common there (think macaws, guans, currosaws, and wooly monkeys). Most of the habitat is terra firme forest. This is Amazonian forest that is not seasonally flooded and has a whole range of rare or little-known neotropical species. Antbirds, toucans, jacamars, puffbirds and other exotics were routinely encountered. Join Dennis and Cecille for a peek at a beautiful wilderness area that few get to visit.

Photo by Reid Allen

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  Please contact Denny Thompson at 254-0837 or for more information.