Indigo Bunting by Dick StilwellMembership in Des Moines Audubon is a real bargain in today's world! For just pennies a month you can become a part of a network of Central Iowa birders and participate in our many events.  Current dues structure is listed below.  Sorry, we do not have on-line membership but you may download the PDF membership form and mail it.

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Butterflies, Pollinators, Plants, and People - Declines in the number of domestic honey bees that began nearly a decade ago have led to increased interest in the “other” pollinators and what can be done by gardeners to promote and enhance the pollinator community on which much of our varied food supply depends. The 94% decline in the number of monarch butterflies (1996 to 2014) similarly has people wondering what they can do to help. What have you done for pollinators and butterflies lately? What more could you do? What more should you do? These and other questions and issues will be explored by Dr. Donald Lewis, ISU Extension & Outreach Entomologist. Be sure to bring your insect-related observations, anecdotes and questions for the Q&A. Donald Lewis is a Professor and Extension Entomologist with the Iowa State University Department of Entomology. Dr. Lewis is responsible for outreach education on insect pest management in turfgrass, trees and shrubs, fruit, vegetables and households.

Photo by Reid Allen

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